Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Minor update to C.P.C.

Just a small post to say that a minor fix has been added to the Cosmic Prison Commando demo regarding the fullscreen resolution change mode (pressing F3) that some users of Nvidia cards may have been having where for some reason the whole screen went black though the game seemed to running. The same fix has been applied to the upcoming HERO: Celestial Force demo too.

The Cosmic Prison Commando demo link has been updated with the fixed version so please redownload if you had the above issue. Thanks.


  1. How long till the HERO: Celestial Force demo? I'm looking forward to playing it.

  2. That fixed it for me. :)
    I got the old demo to run, after reconfiguring the nVidia settings, but this one just works with standard settings!

    And what a great game it is, I hope to see new material soon. ;)

  3. Yeah the updated C.P.C. demo isn't actually the latest version of the game, it's just the demo with the fix. I have a build that has a majority of level 2 in there with some new enemies and some changes in level 1. HERO: CF is my main priority for now though.

    Glad the fix worked for you Bronko. And all it took was two very short lines of code. Thanks to ChevyRay (maker of Skullpogo, Beacon and Flashpunk) for coming up with the fix and Ptoing (excellent pixel artist) for sharing it with me (accidentally) as I had no idea it existed til he was asking me about scanlines and I saw the modifications in his similar code.


  4. HERO: CF looks just as promising! Maybe, I'll tell people about it at my Turrican page, even though it is not very Turrrican. ;)

  5. Maybe. Though funny you should mention that when I look back at this comment by a guy called Tom on it's entry on PixelProspector
    click here

  6. I guess he meant the graphics style. And the shooting.... ;)

    However, flying FREELY arround with a jetpack is not very Turrican. But it's great! :D
    And those smaller sprites... when I see the screens, I think of Cave Story. I don't know, how much story yuo'll include though...

  7. Hey, you got a jet pack there, too, right? ;)

  8. hm yeah... and I have jumping in the sections were the jetpack isn't functional. You can walk and jump at any time jumping is faster for dodging than flying up and down to avoid gun fire on the ground or thin tunnels.

    I hope it doesn't seem too familiar to Cave Story. I really haven't had that in mind at all when making this and to be honest I'm not a fan of the sprites in that game. Though it seems most platform shooters these days get compared to it. Oh well.

  9. Don't worry, your graphics didn't remind me of Cave Story. Just jet-packing around with a rather tiny sprite. ;)