Thursday, 19 August 2010

update August 2010

Just a little update to say progress on HERO: CF is still going well but I'm starting the level work from scratch. I've decided the old way of tiling layouts and all that was too tedious and time consuming so I've been writing code so that the game itself fixes up everything from the basic layout work, so it sorts out what depths the tile layers (cos I was always confusing myself and putting tiles onto the wrong layers and having to fix them up a lot) are meant to be based on their tilesheet id and also adds all the level shadows in by itself. This saves me a hell of a lot of boring work in the long run and also massively reduces the chance of missing tiles (I've often missed putting a shadow tile somewhere and not noticed it for ages, that's now impossible to do with the new system so that's nice). It also adds all the collision boxes in automatically too so that's another job I don't have to myself. All I have to do is the main tile layout and all the rest of the junk gets done by itself. Just a couple more bits to add then I can get back to doing the level layouts again and this time it will be much, much faster to get them done.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hero: CF update

Done a lot of coding and small graphic effects on Hero: CF lately and someone asked for a new screenshot so here's one... that doesn't show any of the coding changes or new sprite effects ('cept for the new crate sprites). What it does show though is the jetpack isn't necessary to get through this room. There's a reason for that which will become more apparent when I release the demo.

HERO: Celestial Force new screenshot

And yeah you may have noticed I changed the blog template. This is because the old one wouldn't let me change the width of the post bit so now I can on this new template. This means I can show the larger scanline images without having them scale down and needing to be clicked on.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Minor update to C.P.C.

Just a small post to say that a minor fix has been added to the Cosmic Prison Commando demo regarding the fullscreen resolution change mode (pressing F3) that some users of Nvidia cards may have been having where for some reason the whole screen went black though the game seemed to running. The same fix has been applied to the upcoming HERO: Celestial Force demo too.

The Cosmic Prison Commando demo link has been updated with the fixed version so please redownload if you had the above issue. Thanks.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Update 5th Jan 2010

Hope everyone had a good new years.

Here's another new pic from HERO: CF.
Click on it for it's fullsize and proper view. This is a scanline pic (so looks darker since the blog is scaling it down).

Yeah I added some green plantlife which ya don't really get much of in caves but it's an alien planet and I wanted a bit of extra color in it so there ya go. Rock layout is a little less blocky now too adding more slopes.