Monday, 19 October 2009

Killed me with a sword...

Haven't done a lot of project stuff in the past week since buying Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PlayStation 3 (I won't bore you with just how much I freakin' love that game as I could go on for ages on all the things about it I admire and adore. Has easily become my new favorite game of all time) but I have done a few things like fixing up the tileset for the 'Aldria Mines' which is level 1 (well, the first proper level anyways) of 'Hero - Celestial Force' as various aspects of the tiling had started to bother me. The main generic trooper enemy too has had a bit of a redesign featuring in my opinion a cleaner and bolder look though it means I now have to redo his animations but that's fine. It's worth it. I've also done a few new sprites for 'Cosmic Prison Commando' but not animated or coded the objects that use them yet.

As for non-project related pixelling I did a lil piece for the Hexquisite Corpse Collab II at Pixelation. I found the palette quite difficult (lack of purples or magentas which apparently I seem to rely on :P ) and it was a bit of a departure for me having to come up with a somewhat strange image but I'm glad I got involved even if I just did the one tile. The full finished collaboration will be revealed when all the tiles have been filled. I hope mine doesn't suck too much. I can't even explain why I pixelled what I did.

Been considering taking down the main website since I just feel no desire to update it and find it too much of a hassle. I think I started it's last update over a year ago and still haven't got around to finishing it. I'm not sure it really even serves a purpose anymore. I might feel a bit different once I got the demo of 'Hero - CF' ready. I don't know.

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