Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Iji v2

Did a fansprite of Iji a lil while ago which can be seen here
Wasn't truly happy with it so I updated it and redid the gun and some other details and tweaked the palette a bit. So here ya go.

Been updating some of the Hero - CF graphics too. Mainly the level 1 tileset and various enemies. It's looking better than before. I've been practising drawing again cos I seem to not be as good as I used to be so am learning to draw even half decently again, which I'll be needing for the various cutscenes and other larger imagery in the game.


  1. Hi,

    Came across your website sometime ago - finally got the time to have a good browse. Shame some of your pages are down - hope you find time to fix them. Just want to say, I really admire your pixel work. The palettes you use are great - the colorful graphics remind me of the good old Amstrad CPC and Megadrive days(when games were worth playing).

    By the looks of things, you don't seem to get many visitors - which is another shame. Now, I'm guessing you are aware of the Clickteam games development product: Multimedia Fusion 2 - - and I just thought it might be a good idea for you to introduce yourself to their community forum. I suspect they are crying out for great spriters like yourself. Maybe you could provide a free graphics pack to help further promote your work, website and blog. Who knows, you may get a little extra work out of it.

    Hope you consider the above - as more people need to see your work.

    All the best,


  2. Iji - now with 100% more pockets.

  3. Anonymous... I might be just taken the main site down as I don't have the time (nor patience with web coding) to maintain it and just keep this blog instead. Yeah I'm aware of Multimedia Fusion 2 but I'm a Game Maker guy :P And far, far too busy with my own projects to spare anytime (even turning down paid work). Free graphics packs don't really work in my opinion. Becomes near impossible for the user to maintain consistency if mixing graphics from various sources and they're usually limited to one type of game and not really good to make distinctive characters from. I'm not bothered about visitors either. If I felt I had something really worth showing I might but I'm happy enough just having a small readership (this site is more for my own history logging more than anything). I don't need the pressure of a larger fanbase. Bad enough I get hassle in my emails from people already asking when my games are out and can I do this or that for them. Thanks for the nice comments.