Saturday, 19 September 2009


Coding menu systems is very tedious but I've sorted it now and made me a good and easy to add to system for it. Hero - CF's main menu/options are nearly all done and I can copy/paste that script and inset it into C.P.C. with only minor modifications needed (for the graphics mostly and the wide pixel res). Seems to be one of those things I put off for ages but once I've got it done it seems I never have to do it again. I like those. In the next C.P.C. demo that options menu will be 'un-grayed' and actually usable. Working on the redefine controls bit now.

Here's the Video section of the menus for 'Hero - Celestial Force' just as an example. Click on it to see it properly.

Friday, 11 September 2009

C.P.C. technical issues.

Seems most of the people who've had problems running the C.P.C. demo use certain types of Nvidia's Geforce cards and I think it's causing issues with the surface technique used in the game to get clean non-blurry pixels in fullscreen. Until I can fix this and get it confirmed (difficult when you don't actually have access to the hardware mentioned). I've got a couple people now on my MSN who have these video cards and when I've got a clear head I'll try some work-arounds.

It also seems there is an issue with running the game on Windows 7 RC. Perhaps the Geforce workaround will work for that too. I don't know. I'm gonna need to think of something since all my projects use the same technique.