Saturday, 11 July 2009

C.P.C. Update 11th July

Ok took me some doing but have fixed a lot of problems with the previous demo. These include:

- Losing all lives now sends you back to title screen.
- Ingame tune no longer ends after 5 minutes. (couldn't get it to play forever but now it plays for just over 2 hours which should be way longer than anyone can spend on a level).
- Resolution switching from windowed mode to fullscreen can now be done anytime by pressing Alt and Return together or just F3. Pressing F4 does fullscreen/windowed switching without changing the resolution meaning it looks a bit distorted and crappy but that's for those people who just refuse to have their resolution change even though the game looks better when it does.
- No more surface doesn't exist problems when switching resolutions. Now the game always checks to see if the surface has been destroyed and creates a new one if it has.
- Jack no longer gets stuck at the start point if restarting there after dying.
- Flying bot's bombs now actually hurt the player when they explode as they should have done in the first place.
- Sponsor screen for the Retro Remakes contest has been taken out as it's no longer necessary.

There are some other little improvements here and there. I'm gonna fix up the missing tiles near the end of the level. Add some info about your level status when you pause the game. Fix some more code. Some values of gun power and scores need to alter a bit. And I might be adding the level 1 boss before I release the new demo. I've never actually coded a boss before so this'll be interesting I guess.


  1. Sounds good. I did a crude boss once, just a bunch of alarms.

  2. hey. just wanted to drop a comment here to let you know that I dig your style and I'm looking forward to playing this game :)
    rock on!

  3. Keep posting ¬_¬ I'd be a follower of this blog, though I'm not into that kind of thing yet.