Tuesday, 21 July 2009

C.P.C. Demo 1.1 Topic

Will be releasing a new demo of C.P.C. which is mainly a bug fix to the previous one which I found kinda embarrasing. This'll be the first time I host my own game files on my site too. This topic is also where any bug reports for this demo should be reported.
Ok read the GMC topic here

Download the demo direct here



  1. Very first demo (which was at RR last year) ran normally, but this one shows some running scanlines at the beginning, and then everything is black and pressing F3, F4 or changing resolution and bitdepth of color doesn't helps. Configuration:
    Win XP
    AMD Athlon 64 X2Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.30 Ghz, 2GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

  2. That makes no sense. I see no reason why the previous version would run and this wouldn't. I haven't changed anything in it that would affect video. I knew you'd have a Geforce card before even reading your specs. Game Maker games don't seem to be fully compatible with those especially when using the surface feature in Game Maker which this does. I use an ATI Radeon and the game runs fine every single time. I really have no idea why this version won't run for you and therefore I can't think of any way to fix it. Sorry.

  3. Hmmm... I opened version from 13.12.2008 and it blacked out too. But it worked before - I even took some screenshots then. So either I came up with some quick solution or I had some software changes/updates on my system which I wasn't aware (I haven't changed system or installed any new hardware except peripherals). So there should be some solution. Hope somebody will find it.

  4. Groove from Moscow26 July 2009 at 11:10

    So that's how I (partly) solved this problem. I started up my PC today and after system loaded the first program I launched was CPC from 2008. It worked! Then I pressed F10 to see readme what is the fire button. Started the game again and again blackout after RR banner and moving scanlines. So I reset PC and again started - this time new version - and again it played , but blacked out (only graphic suffersas game plays, judging by sound). So the solution: restart PC, launch CPC instantly and don't press F3 or F4.
    (sorry that writing it there, but I hae no account at YoYoGames yet)

  5. Very odd. Maybe it is to do with the surfaces thing. I'll be releasing another update soon that should hopefully make the surfaces optional though without it the game does look worse.

    I prefer comments here to be honest. Sometimes I just don't like going to the GMC.

  6. I like this very much, used to have a 464 back in the day.

    But despite the responsive controls, I found the lack of upward shooting tremendously frustrating. Please add this ability!

  7. No. I've already explained why I chose not to in the GMC topic and that's final.

  8. Works perfectly!
    Pentium3 600MHz, Windows 98, Geforce 4400.
    I had played the first demo before (didn't reach second key). This time I got to the end on first try, though I was freaked to see how little health was available, and how little it heals (20%?). Then I played a bit safer :) I lost one life only, after finding two switches. I certainly didn't visit all, but it's easy enough to clear the level when you know the general location of things.
    I noticed a horizontal shot missing me, while I was crouched, though the shot clearly overlapped the upper part of my head. I don't know if you were intentionally forgiving with the collision box.

  9. Yeah originally I was quite strict with the collision but when crouching it never felt like you could crouch quite enough and I couldn't sprite it going any lower and I certainly didn't want him just laying down like Contra (that's one of the things I don't like about that game) so I made the crouch collision box a bit smaller height wise. Maybe it's not perfect but it feels fine to me. And yeah there are no full health packs on level 1. I figured it was too easy for that and you do get several extra lives.

  10. Only thing I can said it's : It MUST be run on a REAL CPC.
    C.P.C is too beautiful to run in an other machines than a CPC.
    Carnivac : Do you know that a lot of many many many CPC hacker/prog an users want to be work with you to port C.P.C on a real Amstrad machine ?
    On PC it makes an idea but... the finality MUST be C.P.C MUST be a real CPC game !!!!

  11. This Demo is so GoooooD !!!!
    Please, tell me that it will be in CPC format ?
    Thanks for this trip in 80s

  12. It's a possibility. I have a buddy online who codes CPC games. Will have to wait til I finish the whole game and can provide him with all the stuff. I expect some things to be a bit modified or removed when running on the real CPC but we'll try as best we can to get as much in as possible.

  13. Well Carn, that's your choice, but it just makes the game more frustrating to play. I appreciate the retro aesthetic - honestly - but not taking advantage of the benefit of hindsight and allowing finer control of the player character just makes it feel restrictive. And not much fun.

  14. If you don't find it fun, then don't play it. Simple as that. I made it this way for a reason and I made it mostly for myself and I don't find it frustrating to play at all. (In fact one reason it's taking so long to make is that I keep playing through to the end myself instead of just testing one bit to fix when I should cos I actually enjoy it plenty and that's a good thing when you actually like playing your own game). Plenty of crappy mouse aiming platform shooters you can go play instead where you can aim any direction you want. Christ, do Capcom get this everytime they release a Mega Man game...and he still can't even crouch.

  15. Awesome work, looking forward to this one!

    btw, I was having the exact same problem as Groove (similar PC specs, so that's not surprising). However, I found an easier workaround than rebooting the system; my Nvidia settings were "Let 3d application control the settings", so I tried using the slider bar and selected "performance". Now the game runs without a hitch, and I can even use F3 to go fullscreen. Thought this might be helpful to anyone having the same problems.

  16. The first version wouldn't work on my PC, and this one was just fine, until I switched it to full screen. After then it shows my a black screen all the time. Maybe rebooting would help.

    The strangest part is, when switching full-screen to windowed, and back, I can see the game for a brief moment, before the screen turns black again.

    Very strange also, that Gamemaker doesn't support Nvidia... it's like "hey, let's piss 50% of the possible users off!"

    Oh, when I had to type the captcha, I read Rich's entry... It worked! :D

  17. As the Nvidia config tool allows to specify settings for any program you want, I made one for C.P.C., to have "quality" in other games. I switched things back and forth, until it worked. It worked, when I told it to overwrite the anti aliasing settings of the program. So C.P.C. does something wrong with that for Nvidia cards.

    Plays really nice, btw. :)
    Only one thing, I dislike: Getting thrown back every time I get hit. Some games do it, and in all of them it's so annoying, to fall dawn and die because of this. A sound effect is feedback enough for a hit. Or at least, don't throw me back through half of the screen! ;)

    Best thing would be no throw-back for getting hit by a weapon, and just a little throw back by enemies, so that you can't walk though them. (Or no regeneration time, combined with much less damage per hit, as it's done in Turrican)

  18. Works on my laptop. Peeved there was no boss. No bugs except that one save game i fell from a height and hero bullets appear out of nowhere. I have the save game copied could upload but maybe you know about this already (eg bullets get deactivated when off screen not destroyed?)

  19. Excellent demo, Carnivac. This is Gamemaker? I know it probably seem trivial, but I'm especially impressed with the collision detection. I don't even want to think of all the games I've played from the GMC with the lousiest CD. As I recall, it had to do with how GM handled collision. Something about the order it handled movement code and he collision detection handler. At least that's how I fixed it when I was using GM.

    Best of luck with your game

  20. hey :) i like this game. I didn't noticed any bugs(played on laptop Toshiba satellite. I was playing and playing and i think the game is good balanced (good level design) of course graphics and music too. I have one syggestion when character is crouching i think its good idea to add little camera movement down so you can see enemies and the same thing when you jump.

  21. Would this game run on a Standard CPC like this? Or does it require the plus?
    Never seen such smooth scrolling on the CPC. And almost full screen too!

  22. Super awesome game! I really like the retro feel and look. I'm doing pixel graphics, and hope to get a collaborator for my ideas. If you need graphics work, let me know.